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 Rocken 3E Boer Goats - Roswell, New Mexico

Colored and traditional show and 4-H boer goats since 2000.

Now we have spots/polkadots!

Welcome to our site. We are now on Facebook! Check back often for updates.

Kidding season will start soon, check out our Facebook page for the most up-to-date pictures as well as does for sale!


About Us

Welcome to our website. What started as a gift many years ago has become a growing small business, and since 2000, our goats have been both winning and placing very well in fairs around the state of NM, many doing well enough to earn a slot in the Junior Livestock Sales. We raise percentage, purebred, and fullblood goats registered with American Boer Goat Association (ABGA). We started with mostly percentage does and used grade boer bucks to produce 4-H market goats, but have since purchased purebred and fullblood bucks and does to improve our herd. Our location in Eastern New Mexico allows for convenience for New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma buyers.

Our winning bloodlines include the following ennobled stock: CNR Pistolero, CNR Conan, 2SIS 324M, 2SIS Favorite Trick, HMR Sumo, FSE 9122 Blue Chip, FSE 2066 Aflac, JLF Rambo, Powell/ Holman 48K, Powell/Holman Bingo, NK Red Crown Kilo, Bar-O Red Crown D’Artagnan, Kaptein, Renoir, Johaan, Ubora, DOW Pipeline, Top Gun NO 2, Del Rio, Mojo Magic, Nico Botha, Sasquatch, Ram H Tobias, Lewis Creek Trump, Tri State AK, Lewis Creek Point of Grace, RYALS Top Brass, RRD Magnum's Beauty, RMR SA Kitty,  EGGSpensive, EGGSfile, EGGStrasensory Perception, EGGStreme, EGGSplicit, EGGSellent, EGGS Mermaid, EGGSpense, EGGSpense Account EGGSclusive, EGGS Ryals Magnum, LAB Red Ryder, KALR Studly - Dudley, SGF S59 and more, and EGGSorcist as well as Powell/Holman Player, Hart-a-Tack, Gatwood Farm's Simba, Mincey 350, Double Oak Bessie Mae, DER Outlaw, and Painted Warrior as well as other South African, Landcorp, and Keri Downs genetics.

Last Updated 4/16/17

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