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Thank you to Lauren Green of UBAR Boers in Neosho Missouri for the opportunity to add this guy to our herd.

URBG Smoke's Ripped By Design

Thank you Urish Ridge Boer Goats for the opportunity to purchase this tremendous young buck! What more could we ask for out of the Smokin Hot Ruger lines on top and AABG Equalizer and 2DOX Four on the Floor on bottom? We are very excited to use him as he matures!

SEJE A Wrinkle in Time

A home grown buck by UBAR Minute Man and out of TED2 Materpiece Tip.

In the Tank

We will be adding the following bucks to the tank this fall:

RPW Blowin Smoke

Painted Brave

Whiskey's Top Spot

Red Creeks Rawhide

Max Boers Sparks are Gunna Fly






 Reference Sires

HSFG Hillside Marks Red Rocket


Thank you to Hillside Stock Farm for consigning this wonderful young buck to the Color Connection Labor Day 2015 sale! We couldn't be more excited for this buck's potential as a herdsire! We are very excited to have a Dark Mark *Ennobled* son and will use him to expand our black and spotted lines. 

Ubar Minute Man

DOB 12/2/12

Thank you to Lauren Green of UBAR Boers in Neosho Missouri for the opportunity to add this guy to our herd. Packed with genetics from some of the country's best and most sought after foundation genetics, he will be sure to add the power, mass, bone, and growth we have been looking for in a buck. Expect to see this guy  and his kids in the show ring. Sadly, we lost "Skittles" April 2016. His legacy lives on in his daughters and one son we retained.

LANHA Whiskey In The Jar


Thank you to Jill Lanham of Lanham Farms for allowing us to purchase this amazing buck! His late sire, GLA Medicine Man is a great combination of MAX Boers and Fern Hollow Farm Genetics over a T4 Scorpio and Ram H doe and his dam, 3MBG Pretty Koza is MAX and League Ranch on top and lots of CODI genetics on bottom. 

JKMBG Austin Powers

Fullblood Buck DOB 4/14/12


This guy is sure to add the big tops and deep twists we need in our program. What a great mix of some of the wether industry's most consistent genetics  and some of the breeding industry's oldest foundation lines. Thank you to Rogers-Maley Boer Goats for the opportunity to add Austin to our herd!

RCT No Doubt I'm Legit

"Turtle" came to us less than a week old from Reba Lindsey's Touchstone Boer Goats and shows a great deal of promise. With her show buck "Toro" on top and a great foundation doe on bottom, Turtle has the genetic potential to be a massive, powerful buck and although he's small, he has the basewidth, bone, and length to grow into a massive buck in his own right.

XTREME'S Point blank

DOB 3/2/2011 Fullblood

We would like to thank Mike and Kim Cothran of M&K's Xtreme Boer Goats in Wellston for allowing us the opportunity to purchase this buck at the 2011 Buckles and Banners Sale. He is a son of multi champion Xtreme's Crossfire and out of an EGGStra Clip daughter.


SGG Big Money



DOB: 4/16/2010   Fullblood

We would like to thank Smith Glenn Boer Goats of Early, TX for the opportunity to purchase this buck. This buck's father, EGGStra Big Check is double bred RRD Cannon *Ennobled*. EGGStra Big check's father, Jericho Farms Big John, out of Jericho Farms Bette Davis Eyes *Ennobled*,  is currently standing at EGGS boer goats in Stephenville, TX and is producing some amazing kids. SGG Big Money's mother is a very wide, muscular doe, and has produced two amazing point earners by Big John.

ALTO AK Xzibit A


Pictured at 4 months.

DOB: 1/14/2008    Fullblood 100% SA

Thank you Alvin Tingle of Show Barn Genetics-part of Tri-State Boer Genetics- for this amazing son of Tri-State AK *Ennobled*.  Xzibit A has the full South African genetics we're aiming for with our herd and has the look of a producer of both breeding stock and show wethers. Xzibit A 's pedigree is impressive with the following Ennobled stock: Tri-State AK *Ennobled*, Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled*, Lewis Creek Point of Grace *Ennobled*, RRD P463 "Ace" *Ennobled*, RYALS Topbrass ,*Ennobled* RRD Magnum's Beauty *Ennobled*, RRD Magnum *Ennobled*, Top Gun No. 2 *Ennobled*, EGGSpensive *Ennobled*, EGGSorsist *Ennobled*, EGGSpense ,*Ennobled* EGGSpense Account *Ennobled*,  EGGSfile *Ennobled*, and Ram H Tobias *Ennobled*, along with his soon to be Ennobled mother Double Oak Bessie Mae and hopefully his paternal Grand dam Mincey R350.


Buddy is a nice little buck kid from RVB Boer Goats in Dew Texas. Being a bottle baby hasn't stopped him from being good topped and deep twisted.


REDL Viggo

Viggo was the 2006 New Mexico State Fair USBGA Regional National Reserve Champion Junior Boer Buck


Viggo at 3 months old                                                                              7 months old and at his first show


Viggo at 2 years old.


DOB: 2/20/2006         Fullblood  94% SA 

Thank you Red Line Boers of Bangs, TX for allowing us the opportunity to purchase this amazing red buck. Viggo has the following ennobled stock on his pedigree: Mojo Magic ,*Ennobled* Nico Botha *Ennobled*, EGGStreme *Ennobled*, Sasquatch *Ennobled*, Kaptein *Ennobled*, Top Gun No. 2 *Ennobled*, and Dow Pipeline *Ennobled* along with some South African Stud stock. His kids are colorful with great width and thickness. He throws kids with a great look and good muscling (he produced big butts like his), making him stand out among red bucks.


Red Crown Royal Tanqueray- Fullblood Buck-94% SA


                      Roy at as a yearling                                 



Roy at 3 years old

DOB: 3/22/2005                  Fullblood

Roy has UBORA *Ennobled*, Downen Big 85 *Ennobled*, Kaptein *Ennobled*, Tsjaka *Ennobled*, Renoir *Ennobled*,  KLG K72 *Ennobled*, and Elite Ennobled Bar-O Red Crown D’Artagnan in his pedigree. Check out that South African influence in his pedigree. "Roy" is a long buck, and his kids have length and extension that impresses everyone who sees them. You can really see the CODI/PCI influence in this buck. If you need to add length to your herd, Roy's kids are sure to satisfy.



FIO-LLIE (Clyde)- 100% SA

Thank you S & T Boers of Kingsland, TX for the opportunity to have a buck with such an impressive pedigree!

DOB:  03/22/2001         Fullblood

Clyde's pedigree includes:

Eggstrasensory Perception *Ennobled*,Eggsfile *Ennobled*, Top Gun No 2 *Ennobled*, Eggsplicit *Ennobled*, Eggsspensive *Ennobled*, Eggstreme *Ennobled*, Eggsellent *Ennobled* and Ubora *Ennobled*. We are very happy to add him to our breeding program. Clyde has a new home in Roswell, but there will still be Clyde babies as we plan to continue breeding a few does to him.



TR6074 Junctions 22H- 100% SA 

DOB: 6/15/98  Fullblood

“Jump” as he was affectionately called was our first fullblood herd sire. He came to us by chance and when we got his papers, we were excited to see he was a fullblood. Born in Canada, his full SA breeding was the start of our boer goats. His legacy lives on in his offspring, which are the foundations of our percentage herd. He is pictured above with his harem and in his working clothes, but never refused a chance to get some attention. We miss him very much.


LHTF Paul-100% SA                       

DOB:12/13/00  Fullblood

Paul is no longer with us, but his genetics continue on in his offspring. He had been a consistent producer in the past, and this year’s kids should be no exception.  75+/-% South African buck we never got around to taking pictures of for some reason or another. The red yearling on the does page was his last kid. He produced stylish kids, although not a looker himself, and we will never forget him.